Custom Built PSS Upgrade

ColepCCL in Scunthorpe are a leading chemicals and packaging company.

The ACB Problem

Typically a 24- hours a day, 7-days a week operation they require unquestioned continuity of supply. Any such business must keep any interruption to supply to an absolute minimum—even if planned.

The main package substation was some 15 years old.

Installation of a new production facility demanded increased capacity resulting in the need for:

  • Transformer upgrade.
  • ACB Protection replacement.
  • Addition of fuse-switch outgoing circuits.
  • Overhead busbar trunking.

The ACB Solution

Following consultation with ExEllison Switchgear Services Ltd a single day shutdown was arranged. With our knowledge of the existing equipment an advanced shutdown was not required.

Transformer Upgrade

ExEllison Switchgear Services Ltd specified the transformer and produced the required drawings including busbar positions and HV terminal positions to enable simple installation. The transformer was delivered the day before the shutdown and stored overnight. The change-over took just four hours including the HV and LV connections.

CPR Replacement

 It had been reported during routine maintenance that the existing ACB protection unit (CPR relay) wan non-functional. As well as upgrading the protection CTs to suit the increased transformer output the CPR relay was removed and a multifunction combined metering and protection unit installed. As well as providing long-time, short-time and instantaneous protection this unit provides multi-function metering facilities that were not available when the original installation was commissioned.

Extension Cubicle / Overhead Trunking

In order to supply the new production machines additional fuse switches were required. Unfortunately there was no spare capacity within the existing equipment and there was no room adjacent to the existing switchboard for an extension cubicle. Following consultation with ExEllison Switchgear Services Ltd the solution was to provide a custom-built length of phase-crossing overhead busbar trunking to extend the busbars to a new front-access cabling fuse switch cubicle located 1 meter behind the existing package substation.For continuity the same switching devices were used as were provided within the original package substation.

All of the above was completed on a single visit with a single shutdown. There was no need for an advanced shutdown and all elements were fitted first-time without the need for any modification to components on site. A team of ExEllison Switchgear Services Engineers and fitters were used to perform these upgrades. This wealth of experience ensured the upgrade went exactly as planned without any problems on the day.

ExEllison Switchgear Services Ltd utilise the latest 3D solid modelling CAD systems to ensure the quality of our designs. We can be sure that any custom designs will fit first time, every time. This upgrade project is a textbook illustration.

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